July 20, 2020

5 Lookouts Worth the View

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The Blue Mountains is one of the most picturesque regions to live in. You can explore every nook of the area with a galore of lookouts and bushwalks only minutes away. While there is beauty everywhere, the upper Blue Mountains truly encapsulates what the region has to offer with breathtaking views of valleys, mountains, and waterfalls.

These breathtaking lookouts are spot-on for avoiding some crowds, as well as having easy access from car parks. It’s time to head outdoors and be amazed by these upper Blue Mountains hotspots.

Lincoln’s Rock, Wentworth Falls

More commonly known as Flat Rock, this lookout will have you feeling right on the edge. It is a popular spot among locals who enjoy visiting from sunrise to sunset. The view is stunning, spanning across to the town of Leura and extending beyond Mount Solitary to the south. The rock is also great for photography – many take wedding photos and sit on the cliff’s edge to give the hanging illusion.

The lookout takes its name after Aussie mountaineer Lincoln Hall, who resided in Wentworth Falls. Hall famously cheated death and survived a night near the summit of Mount Everest. His book Dead Lucky goes into detail about the unimaginable ordeal.

Feel right on edge at Lincoln’s Rock.

Olympian Rock, Leura

In between the two admired lookouts of Sublime Point and Echo Point, this tucked-away spot offers views just as impressive. The short walk from Olympian Parade goes down 300m direct to the escarpment, overlooking the Jamison Valley.

The lookout is one of the stops on the Prince Henry Cliff Walk. This 7km track features 20 magnificent lookouts and three waterfalls between Leura and Katoomba. While the whole walk can last up to four hours, you can choose different locations to start and stop. Olympian Rock is perfect for unwinding with a good book or relaxing and enjoying the wonderful view.


Cahill’s Lookout, Katoomba

This lookout is unique in its own right. It is one of the very few spots that provide spectacular views of the Megalong Valley – the majority of the lookouts on this side of the mountains showcase the Jamison Valley. You can also see the Narrow Neck Peninsula and Boars Head Rock from the viewing platform.

It is an ideal spot to avoid the big tourist crowds that visit Katoomba and the Three Sisters. It is a short 500m stroll from the car park to the lookout that reveals the valleys and mountains in all their glory. From this lookout, there are many walking tracks and lookouts to visit, including Peckmans Lookout and Peckmans Plateau walk, to name a couple.


Sunrise at Evans Lookout.


Evans Lookout, Blackheath

Evans Lookout displays unobstructed and magnificent views of the Grose Valley and the sandstone cliffs that surround it. The lookout is gorgeous as you take in the lush mountains forest and wildlife. You can enjoy the views of Evans whether the sun is shining or you’re amongst the clouds. The marvellous lookout is at the end of the conveniently named Evans Lookout Road.

It is a must-visit for those who enjoy day trips and hiking. Evans Lookout is a starting point for many hikes, including the popular Grand Canyon Track, Cliff Top walking track to Govetts Leap, the Braeside Walk, and more.


Pulpit Rock, Blackheath

A short drive from the town centre of Blackheath, Pulpit Rock gives you another extensive view of the Grose Valley. With benches and tables perfect for a picnic, Pulpit Rock lookout is worth hanging around for an hour or two.

The lookout has three vantage points. However, one, in particular, is not for the faint-hearted. The staircase descends to a small viewing platform that showcases the full sublime of the Grose Valley. It is definitely a spot where you’ll want to take photos of the valley and mountains engulfing 240-degrees around you.

The daring viewing platform at Pulpit Rock.

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Article by Rowan Stubbs

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