July 10, 2020

Best Coffee in the Lower Blue Mountains

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It is no secret that Aussies love a good cup of joe. The aroma of coffee is often the first thing we smell when arriving at a cafe. It is also usually what we order at the start of any breakfast, brunch, or lunch sitting. 

Now a more popular region to live and visit than ever, cafes in the lower Blue Mountains are putting their best foot forward with excellent products, starting with coffee. Whether you are visiting the region for the day, beginning a road trip, or looking for a new coffee shop to try, the lower mountains have plenty of cafes that suit any lifestyle.  

These cafes are favourites among locals for their coffee craft. Here are some top options we recommend to the outright coffee lovers from the base of the mountains to the hub of Springwood.

Vincent Diner, Glenbrook

Vincent Diner is a local family-owned cafe in the main strip of Glenbrook. After opening its doors in 2014, the diner made an immediate impact in the community with its tasty coffee. With Short Street Coffee Roasters as their source, the coffee blend is always smooth, no matter how unique the order may be. Often packed to the rafters, Vincent is a perfect stop for takeaway coffee if you’re unable to grab yourself a table. Its 6am open time also makes it ideal for early commuters needing their coffee fix for their drive to work.


A cup of coffee being made at Kickaboom.

Kickaboom, Glenbrook

Kickaboom is a taste of the inner city in the village of Glenbrook. With Surry Hills experience, the cafe offers a delicious and unique menu, but its focus is on the coffee. With Rueben Hills coffee beans roasted in Surry Hills as their provider, the quality of the coffee is so great that you always feel like ordering a second (or third). For those that like to play around with their coffee order, they also offer filter and single-origin coffee. With friendly staff and a new cafe extension, pop on down to Kickaboom and enjoy a lovely cup of coffee.  


BM Tribe Coffee, Blaxland

Blue Mountains Tribe Coffee bravely opened their doors in April this year, during the COVID pandemic. With employees who have worked at the popular Euphoric Coffee, situated nearby in Blaxland East, it has already given the coffee spot a faithful following. The new joint is nice and clean in its fit-out, but the coffee is already a stand-out. While they are adding to their menu daily, coffee orders from espressos to filter coffee will undoubtedly be a constant. Located directly next door to IGA supermarket, it’s a perfect stop before or after your grocery shop. 

A beautiful coffee at Dbl Ristretto.

Dbl Ristretto, Springwood

This specialty coffee hub in Springwood is frequently referred to as the best coffee in the mountains. Each coffee here is made with two ristretto shots, hence living to its cafe name. For coffee novices, a double ristretto is the same volume of an espresso shot (30ml); however, it takes double the effort. A double ristretto uses double the dose of coffee beans than a regular espresso shot, making the flavour rich and full-bodied. This technique makes it stand out from other cafes in the mountains. Dbl Ristretto is cosy as it sits about 20 people at a time. It’s an excellent place to stop for a coffee run, whether you’re heading to work or merely visiting the area for the day. 


Cassiopeia, Springwood 

Tucked away in an arcade, Cassiopeia is a hidden gem in the main street of Springwood. Established in 2006, Cassiopeia now has three coffee shops in the region along with its very own roastery. The espresso bar uses its own blend, which is brewed and roasted in the upper Blue Mountains. While the coffee blend is produced locally, the beans are sourced from Panama, Costa Rica, Colombia, Brazil, and Kenya. The coffee beans are roasted lightly, which allows the full flavour of the beans’ origin to shine. Cassiopeia’s pride in their coffee is well on display when you visit. Enjoy the whole experience of drinking a coffee by Cassiopeia by visiting their Springwood espresso bar. 

Coffee by Cassiopeia.

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Article by Dan Jennings

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