Local Stories

Spotlight on: Glenbrook Tunnel

Locked away at the foothills of the Blue Mountains is the Glenbrook Tunnel. Abandoned since World War II, the Glenbrook Tunnel has remained closed to

Spotlight on: The Everglades

Tucked away in the elegant village of Leura is the Everglades House and Gardens. You could drive past the Everglades residence without knowing the mag

How to Entertain the Kids in the Blue Mountains

The Lower Blue Mountains has an abundance of activities perfect for families. From exploring the great outdoors to visiting local businesses, these pl

5 Lookouts Worth the View

The Blue Mountains is one of the most picturesque regions to live in. You can explore every nook of the area with a galore of lookouts and bushwalks o

Best Coffee in the Lower Blue Mountains

It is no secret that Aussies love a good cup of joe. The aroma of coffee is often the first thing we smell when arriving at a cafe. It is...

What Happens To The Lower Mountains Property Market After COVID-19?

COVID-19 might just give people that extra drive to consider regional living as the trend of working from home has become the new norm. For our Mounta