August 7, 2020

How to Entertain the Kids in the Blue Mountains

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The Lower Blue Mountains has an abundance of activities perfect for families. From exploring the great outdoors to visiting local businesses, these places will no doubt keep your kids amused for hours. It is time to escape the technology-driven world and get back in touch with the Blue Mountains society.

While it is important to visit and support the local community and embrace the outdoors, remember to stay safe during these COVID-19 times. We recommend attending these spots when it is safe to do so.

Blue Mountains National Park, Glenbrook

The Glenbrook section of the Blue Mountains National Park is perfect for families who love to get out and about. Whether you have an hour or a day to kill, there are plenty of spots to survey. Mount Portal and Tunnelview Lookout highlight the park in all its glory and have views that extend towards the upper mountains and the city of Sydney. For those who love a refreshing swim, Jellybean and Blue Pools are must-visit locations, especially in the summertime. The Red Hands Cave walking track showcases Aboriginal rock art that is mesmerising and historic. You will also feel engulfed by the cliffs when you walk and hop along the rocks of the Glenbrook Gorge track. There is a variety of things to do at the Blue Mountains National Park; take your pick.

Euroka Campground, Glenbrook

The most popular spot inside the Blue Mountains National Park would have to be the Euroka Campground. Whether you want to have a picnic or camp over the weekend, Euroka is the best place to fulfil those needs. Enjoy the native flora and fauna in the clearing with the tall Eucalyptus trees and the surprising guest visits from kangaroos. Staying over a weekend at Euroka also gives you more time to explore the Blue Mountains National Park in Glenbrook from lookouts, walking tracks and bike trails. If you are interested in visiting the Euroka area, you do need to book before you go. 

Glenbrook Park, Glenbrook

Right next to the cafes and shops, Glenbrook Park is ideal for picnics and enjoying the fresh air. With two playgrounds in the park, one suitable for younger children and the other for older kids, it is easy to keep the young ones entertained for hours. The park also connects to an oval, which has plenty of space for kicking a ball or playing a game of cricket. It is always a great day out for families at Glenbrook Park.

Glenbrook Cinema, Glenbrook

Although it is currently closed due to COVID-19, the locally owned and operated cinema beats the big movie joints. Glenbrook Cinema accommodates perfectly for kids as it often has viewing sessions for newly released family films. The cinema has been running for over 50 years and is a hit amongst the local community with its excellent customer service and cheap tickets. The movie theatre is hoping to re-open at the end of the year, which we very much look forward to. 

Nana’s Teddies & Toys, Blaxland

The sheer amount of teddies and toys at Nana’s Teddies will have you picking your jaw up from the floor. It is renowned as Australia’s largest teddy bear store with over 15,000 toys, bears, collectable figurines and other plush animals. The store is like it was carved out a child’s dream. Whatever you are looking for, Nana’s Teddies is sure to have it. From limited-edition collectables to classic characters like Paddington Bear and Winnie the Pooh, young kids will go wild in this shop as they walk down the wide aisles.

Springwood Aquatic & Fitness Centre, Springwood

It may sound like the Springwood Aquatic and Fitness Centre isn’t really a location for children. However, it is actually great for parties or hanging around with friends. The leisure pool stands out with its gigantic waterslide, fun whirlpool and beach-style play area. The waterslide is only open on the weekends and school holidays. Its heated pools allow the indoor centre to open all-year-round.

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Article by Dan Jennings

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