June 8, 2021

Meet the Locals: Jane Jeffrey

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Jane runs one of Glenbrook’s most successful cafes and is passionate about her staff and her community.

We recently sat down for a chat about her business, the community and what she loves about Glenbrook.

Long-time Glenbrook local Jane Jeffrey has created an incredible dining experience that is a hit with locals! Vincent Diner is delicious, welcoming and has a great sense of community. 

Vincent Diner

The great staff of Vincent Diner!

What inspired you to open Vincent Diner?

“I felt that Glenbrook, 7 years ago, needed something different.”

Many people will walk straight to Vincent for coffee in the morning. What is your secret to making the perfect coffee?

“The perfect coffee takes time to perfect. The beans, the maker, and the customer all contribute.”

Vincent Diner

The front door of Vincent known very well by Glenbrook locals.

Tell me about the gorgeous space you have created…

“I didn’t have much to work with. A very small indoor area and an arcade that was very sad and unloved at the time we first opened. A lot of thought and love, and help from my family has made it special with what we had.”

What do enjoy most about Glenbrook?

“Glenbrook is a great community, especially during COVID. I was so well supported and I still am! Many great people come into our Diner throughout the day and we have many regulars. I love Glenbrook.”

With so many delicious options for breakfast, lunch and dinner. What is your favourite?

“I love the Shakshuka eggs!”

Vincent Diner

Vincent is one of the popular spots in town for brunch. The Shakshuka eggs are a must-try!

Thanks for the chat Jane! Vincent Diner’s delicious menu can be found on their website www.vincent-diner.com.au/


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