May 25, 2021

Meet the Locals: Patrick Lincoln

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Patrick Lincoln has built an incredible business within our community, and he is just getting started!


Due to an injury, I went to The Physio Depot in Springwood where I met Pat. I admired his work ethic and the fantastic business he had created in Springwood. Pat’s business, The Physio Depot, provides a place where people can feel relaxed and comfortable about their body and plan to get it moving back to its best. 

We recently sat down for a chat about how people can minimise their risk of injury, Pat’s future plans and how his business can help many people within the community. 

Patrick Lincoln

The man behind The Physio Depot: Patrick Lincoln


What is the Physio Depot all about?

“The Physio depot is all about being a place where people can come and feel relaxed and comfortable while working with their Physio as a team to create a plan of how to get them back doing what they love!”

What is the secret to avoiding muscle and joint pain in adults?

“The secret to adults staying fit, healthy and injury-free is consistency! Don’t do too much too soon. Consistently do the same thing and slowly add little bits.”

You must see many sporting injuries for children and teens. Any advice for parents wanting to keep the kids on the field?

“Kids and teens are pretty robust. Keep kids active and listen to them if their body needs a break. Most injuries in kids and teens are from growing too quickly or from them doing something silly.”

How is juggling business and family as a young dad now?

“Having amazing staff makes work, family and life balance much easier! We have a great team and all work four days/week. This gives us a great work & life balance.

The Physio Depot

The incredible staff at The Physio Depot.

When should someone book an appointment with the Physio Depot?

“The earlier we see an injury, generally the quicker it gets better! Most people ‘wait’ for an injury to settle before starting physiotherapy. Get into niggles and be proactive. It makes our job easier and you get better much faster.”

What is next for Pat?

“Focus on family, systemising the business and creating free time. Another location with the inclusion of Paediatric Physio is not off-limits… time will tell!”

Thanks for the chat, Pat! Find out more about The Physio Depot at


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