November 2, 2020

The Importance of Property Styling with Lynne Brame

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Styling your home before putting it on the market is one of the most critical steps to consider. It can be the difference between achieving below or above your price guide.

There are many reasons to consider making your home look stunning and ready for sale. First impressions count and can really lift a property’s appeal, especially with online advertising on and It can also entice potential purchases to inspect the property, which gives you a better chance of creating competition amongst buyers.

If a house is vacant, furnishing the space can make it feel homely and welcoming. Having a lovely and cosy home can help the buyers picture themselves living there.

We chatted to local property stager Lynne Brame of Brook Lane Property Staging on how important it is to style your home for sale.

What started your interest in property staging?

“For years now, I have had a passion for all things real estate, renovating and styling. With successful projects of my own over the years, I was encouraged by estate agents to help others achieve the return on investment that I had. After completing a few courses including the International Institute of Home Staging, my business Brook Lane Property Staging began.”

What is your favourite trend right now?

“I suppose I don’t gave a favourite trend as such. As long as the space has warmth and functionality with a pop of colour, it will always feel welcoming. I also like to focus on a particular piece of furniture, whether it’s been repurposed or something new. I find changing soft furnishings and artworks can also reinvent a room to be ‘on trend’.”

Before and After by Brook Lane Property Staging.

Once you’ve landed a house, what are your first steps in remodelling a space?

“If the house is vacant, I study the floor plan and the demographic of the target buyer of the property. The entrance is where first impressions are made, so the flow from there and throughout the house is important.

If it’s what we call a ‘partial stage’ (we are using existing furniture in the house), the objective is to help owners pack away and declutter rooms so we can project light and create flow. Also, if any maintenance issues should be attended to, like replacing light bulbs or broken handles on cupboards, we can enlist a professional cleaner so the house sparkles.”

What is your process of selecting pieces for a space?

“The size of the space and what it is used for determines the pieces of furniture and furnishings for each room. The colour of the carpet, the walls and how much natural light is also important.

Bedroom by Brook Lane Property Staging.

How can we achieve the right mix between functionality and presentation?

“This is such a relevant question at the moment with more people working from home. It’s important to find that space that shows you can have a home office that’s not on the kitchen table – a spot under a staircase, the corner of a large living room or that storage room in the garage can be converted. Creating spaces that feel inviting and extend warmth whether it’s with rugs, cushions and artworks can create interest.”

What’s the most common response from people when you have finished styling their home?

“The most common response is an emotional one. My clients feel like a weight has been lifted off their shoulders, and the stress of presenting their home for sale has gone. It is a team effort between owners, agents and myself to showcase the properties to their potential for maximum value in the shortest amount of time.”


If you’re interested in styling your home, you can seek assistance from Lynne via her website. 

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Article by Rowan Stubbs

Rowan has been selling Blue Mountains’ lifestyle properties for over 15 years. His calm and understanding manner makes him a valuable partner in any negotiation. With extensive knowledge and experience, Rowan ensures a smooth and focused journey towards the best possible outcome for all.