May 11, 2020

What Happens To The Lower Mountains Property Market After COVID-19?

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COVID-19 might just give people that extra drive to consider regional living as the trend of working from home has become the new norm. For our Mountains community, the positives far outweigh the negatives as more Australians may begin to consider making the change from their city life to that of living in a regional location.

It has always been the Australian dream to buy a quarter acre block, start small and work your way to owning that solid family home where the kids and grandkids will always be welcome. Pre-COVID-19, many people assumed that in order to work in the city they must live in the city, but now that dream of owning one’s own castle in regional areas is seeming more of a reality.

Since March this year, many Australians have had to adapt their usual work-life routines to more flexible ways of working from home and balancing family life. This has led some people to consider if they could get used to this new way of working, especially if it means spending more time with their families. The home environment moves to the forefront of their mind as they wonder, ‘is this the ideal space for me and my family?’.

Moving to regional areas, such as the Lower Blue Mountains, allows people to take advantage of a median house price of $680,000 rather than a median price of $1,000,000 in capital cities such as Sydney. Price is a key driver, however, our proximity to Sydney is also a factor as well as our larger homes, land sizes, culture and town centres. The idea of living in a small community is appealing to a lot of people and to be able to do that in an area one hour from Sydney makes the Lower Blue Mountains the first choice.

Known for its cafe culture, bike trails and pretty streetscape. Cafes such as Vincent Diner, Kicka Boom and day trips into Euroka make it ideal for anyone wanting to enjoy the incredible community and scenery The Lower Blue Mountains has to offer.  Glenbrook’s median house price of $855,000 has had people flocking to get into the market in this suburb for many years.

The suburb that offers a quiet neighbourhood, tennis and netball courts, sporting oval, lookouts and a primary school. It is the Mountains suburb with the closest proximity to Sydney and has a median house price of $795,000.

A place to call home by many young families. There are plenty local businesses and cafes within walking distance of one another including IGA, Dan’s Coffee Haus and Euphoric Coffee. With a median house price of $728,750, buyers can view a variety of houses built across multiple eras. 

Mount Riverview 
With a strong community vibe and plenty of neighbourhood charm, this suburb’s proximity is a draw-factor for people wanting making the move to the Lower Mountains. Perfect for a growing family, with a local primary school, bush walks with views over the Nepean Valley and a median house price of 710,000.

If you have had the pleasure of living in Warrimoo, you can attest the unique community spirit that thrives this town. Celebrating its centenary in 2018, Warrimoo offers two primary schools, Florabella Pass bush walking track, a sports oval and tennis courts. Everyone knows everyone here so get used to waving to people on your afternoon walk! It holds a median house price value of $600,000.

Sun Valley
A suburb home to many acreage homes and one of the only places in the Blue Mountains with suitable land for horses. It is a very quiet and unique place to live and has its very own Sun Valley Produce. With a median house price of $917,000, very few houses sell here each year, demonstrating the love people have for this suburb and the land size it has to offer.

Valley Heights
A small suburb with just over 1200 residents offers quiet streets for the kids to play in while in close proximity to Springwood Town Centre. It has a median house price of $700,000 and has its very own Bunnings Warehouse – who doesn’t love a Bunnings sanga on a Saturday?

A larger town that many people fall in love with due to the endless number of local amenities, including parks, community centres, sporting fields and pubs. It has a median house price of $701,100 and appeals to a large section of the market due to the large range of styles of houses here. From cottage facades to seventies brick, there is something here for everyone. 

Head north of Springwood and you will find this vast suburb that features many playgrounds, sporting facilities, the Winmalee Tavern and is only a leisurely walk to Springwood and back. It has a median house price of $642,00 and boasts popularity with buyers by having its own Coles Supermarket.

Yellow Rock
Similar to Sun Valley, Yellow Rock has a larger portion of acreage available with the main difference being the larger size of the suburb. With just over 1100 residents, there is a strong sense of community and plenty of land for families wanting to take advantage of the acreage on offer compared to the small amount of land in the city. Yellow Rock’s median house price is $770,000.

Home of the Magic Pudding and home for many locals who love this suburb. With a mix of small and large acreage blocks, it appeals to many who love the local schools, bush walks and businesses such as La Bello Pizzeria and Lindsays Cafe. The median house price in Faulconbridge is $637,500.

Hawkesbury Heights
Only an hour and fifteen minutes from Sydney, Hawkesbury Heights offers buyers the flexibility of getting to Richmond and Penrith in a short amount of time. It has a spectacular lookout over the Nepean River and views to the Sydney city. With a population just under 500, it’s a small town surrounded by bush landscape where many people who love their peace and quiet reside to. The median house price here is $630,000.

It has been a quiet few months, but people will always need a place to call home. As the working from home trend continues to be on the increase, this means far fewer daily commutes to the city for many individuals. Understandably so, the Lower Blue Mountains has been rated as the Number One regional hotspot set to boom after COVID-19.

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Article by Dan Jennings

Daniels is a director, licensed real estate agent, stock and station agent and auctioneer servicing the Blue Mountains and Nepean Valley.

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